Widenn Code of Conduct

During use of the WIDENN platform, users must observe the following behaviours:

1. The user must observe all copyright concerning ideas & formats shared on the platform.

2. The user must be respectful when he communicates with other users via our internal messaging application.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use WIDENN platform to upload any illegal, troublemaking, harmful, violent, threatening, abusive, pornographic, defamatory, obscene, racist, injurious or offensive content.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the platform to defame, harass, intimidate, track or threaten other users, especially via the platform’s internal messaging application.

5. It is strictly forbidden to post private and confidential information/data on the platform or collect such information concerning other users.

6. It is strictly forbidden to interfere in/disturb the functionality of the platform or the functionality of any server & network connected to the platform; especially by spreading computer viruses, spying software or any other harmful software.

7. It is strictly forbidden to restrain or block access to the platform for other users.

8. It is strictly forbidden to support or facilitate any infringement to the general terms of use & services, privacy policy and code of conduct of the platform.

Even though WIDENN team can control the behaviours of some users or their correspondence, it is not compulsory for WIDENN to do so. If a user notices any inappropriate or abusive behaviour from another user of the platform, they should contact the WIDENN team in order to share their concerns.

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