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Adding a format to your personal library

Adding a format to your online personal library is a necessary step before launching your promotional campaign and displaying your product to buyers in various countries.

In order for buyers to take a decision and bid for your format, we ask you to fill in a detailed form with all the information regarding your rights.

Formats are divided into 3 main categories : Paper formats, Piloted formats and broadcast formats.

  • If you want to promote a Paper Format, we ask you to provide all the editorial information of the creation (Title, logline, synopsis, detailed presentation), your broadcasting plans as well as a picture and promo of your project. All this information is compulsory.
  • If you want to promote a Piloted format, you must provide the same elements as for Paper formats and include the full pilot of your show, as well as your financing partner who participated in the production of the pilot (If the pilot is auto-financed, you can also mention it).
  • The promotion of broadcast formats is more detailed given the fact that your format will be bought both for its editorial elements and its ratings performances. A description of your product, promo and full episode must be added to the form as well as the following broadcasting elements for each country of broadcast : name of the broadcaster, slot, frequency, length of an episode, number of seasons and episodes, broadcasting date of the last season’s first episode and ratings.

Ratings : As part of the promotion of broadcast formats, we ask you to give a simple figure or ratio enabling the buyer to get an idea of the success of the show. Example : “3,6m viewers on average for the last season of the show (16-17) against an average 2,9m on the channel’s slot for the season 16-17” (These figures can also be market shares).

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