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Sellers on Widenn

Widenn is a digital marketplace on which you can promote your format rights in order to get offers from buyers around the world and sell you shows in various countries.

Displaying your rights to buyers is a simple three-steps process.

  • First you need to add your formats to your personal library on the platform, along with all the necessary information for buyers (editorial info, promos, broadcasting data, etc.)
  • Then, you launch a promotional campaign for your rights in the countries of your choice, and for a determined duration (3, 6 or 9 months).
  • After a quick review from our team, your formats are displayed according to the parameters you set up.

Getting buyers interests and offers.

  • Once your formats are visible in different countries, buyers get access to the initial information attached to your rights’. Buyers will not immediately be able to view the detailed PDF presentation and/or full episode/pilot of your show.
  • If buyers are interested in your format, they enquire, directly to you, for access to the information in full. You will be notified by email about this demand.
  • As soon as you accept to give this buyer access to the full information concerning your show, this buyer can formulate an offer. This offer will be transmitted to you by Widenn team after you’ve signed a License agreement with us.
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